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Heather E. Hutsell - Author

Heather E. Hutsell was born in Fort Worth, TX, and spent her earliest years on Bainbridge Island, WA, before setting out to see the world at age 17. She started writing at age 11, knowing after entering and winning awards through the Young Author's program through school (and for the next 2 years following) that she was determined to be a published author. Her first book, "Awakening Alice"--a sequel to Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", was first published in the collaborative work "Ghost on the Highway" in 2006. She then went on to self-publish "Awakening Alice" along with its sequel "A Ticket for Patience" in an illustrated version, in 2007. Her next three books: "The Inter-Twinning" and "The Labyrinth of Empty" (both part of a trilogy in progress) and "By Blood, By Moon" followed in consecutive years. Future books (already in the works) include a prequel to "By Blood, By Moon"; a Steampunk oriented Victorian mystery (and others to follow); an illustrated book of short stories and "The Open Book"--the final installation to the Twins trilogy. Further information on the authoress can be found through www.snailpie.com .

Toni Sulken

Nancy Giere

Nancy Giere is a fused (dichroic) glass artist based in located in Williamsburg with a complete line of glass jewelry and gifts. You can learn more about her and her work at her website www.nglassworks.com. Perhaps you've seen her work at Occasion for the Arts or the Fenton Gallery.

Jeff Aldrich Photography

Jeff Aldrich specializes in Panoramic Photography (757) 8691159 www.groupphotosusa.com www.stadiumviews.com

Water Gypsy (Vintage Creations)- Beverly Binns

Glittermoon Cards & Photography - Cackie Trippe McCarty

Cackie Trippe McCarty
Made in Richmond, Virginia
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My Images of Our Wondrous World

America, Europe, Animals, Oceans, Rivers, Trees
The Natural World All Around Us

An All Embracing Focus on
What a Wonderful World We Share

My Photos & Designs Are NOT Mass Market
These Are From Me - To You

I love cards.
I love looking at them, picking out the perfect one to send someone. I have a stash of cards that I love so much I cannot bear to part with them. And I love getting a card in the mail. Who does not?

I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and had the great good fortune to grow up in a home which had the best of two worlds: the woods and the water. As a child, the natural world became a powerful source of inspiration, comfort, and awe. Without being conscious of it at the time, I inherently became a visually driven soul. By the time I got to college, art was what I wanted to pursue. While studying for my degree in art history, I was able to take what had been an early spark of attraction to photography and transform it into a passion. A lifelong introvert, I am able to turn my natural penchant for being an observer to good use; for me a picture tells my story without having to summon the words to do so.

My love affair with cards goes back to childhood. My Aunt Marnie had a shop in my small hometown which had a great variety of greeting cards. I spent many happy hours over the years at the Wayside Gift Shop. In my teens, I arranged and stocked the cards, helped Marnie with the buying, and assisted customers in choosing just the right one for their occasion.

I have been making cards for my friends and family for many years.
People kept saying: “You should sell your cards.”
And thus, GLITTERMOON CARDS was born.

My mission is to spread the love.
One card at a time.
A card in every mailbox. A smile on every face.

Bob Leek- Pottery