Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Kelly's Creations- Jewelry by Kelly Charles

Originally from Massachusetts, Kelly is a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at The College of William and Mary where she teaches Yoga, Tai Chi, Weight Training, Tennis and Fitness Leadership and Aging. At William and Mary she has trained and supervised Health and Physical Education teachers, Movement Education for elementary teachers, Adapted Physical Education, Dance, Aerobics and Pilates. She teaches yoga classes for all ages from children to older adults.
Kelly always loved jewelry, but after becoming incapacitated with a shattered tibia and fibula (lower leg) in a skiing accident in 2006 she began designing earrings. Soon she added necklaces, bracelets, and sea glass pendants from glass she collected in Maine, New Hampshire, Italy and Victoria, British Columbia. On a trip to India she was frustrated by her inability to find and purchase beads, but her son, Sean spent his last rupies on a collection of beads from Viranasi (the holy city on the Ganges River) which she has used in her designs. She collects beads and objects on all of her travels including India, England, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, New England and Arizona.
Many of her designs are inspired by nature and movement. She loves designing unique necklaces that can be worn during yoga practice. Her daughter, Kendra, who is also a yoga practitioner designs some of the pieces.

Kelly holds a B.S in Physical Education, a Masters in Adapted Physical Education and an ED. S in Counseling and is a certified Personal Trainer.
Kelly’s Kreations

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cyndi Krohn- Lavalieres by Charles

Susan Thomas - Earth Rock Designs Jewelry

Susan Thomas has an extensive collection of Stone Jewelry.

She's a Occuaptional Therapist in the School system as a primary job- but I can depend on her to do whatever shows I present her as long as it doesn't conflict with work or her already busy show Schedule! One of the treats of working with Susan is that her mom -Doris Dixon- often visits or helps out with her booth.

Susan had the distinct pleasure of being involved in the original Earth Day!!!! Ask her for that story sometime.
She also has observed that Kids of all ages love smooth stones & has added this to her display.Many of her customers look for her "Giveaway rock basket" to choose one -each time they see her at a show! Susan does Many Wine Festivals, Trinkle Hall...
aroma4u@cox.net is Susan's Email.

Kathryn's Closet - Pam & Michael Tomczak

757-645-3257 or ptomczak@cox.net

Another Faithful Delight- is the Tomczak's Kathryn's Closet Booth! They've done 6 - 2nd Sundays -in 2010 (only missing as they have lots of company coming into town)! Thy've committed to be on the street in 2011 for every month but August!
They have authentic Walking Sticks & other historically correct accessories & Pam sews high quality colonial clothing for any size - from dolls to adults.
You can find their tent near Baskin Robbins each month, next to their Neighbor, Myra Nuzzo,who encouraged Pam to start her own business of Period Clothing design!
Thanks Myra - for referring one of the most Faithful,enthusiastic folks on the street!

Henrietta Ford- Williamsburg's Mystery Author

Always one of the busiest booths at the market- My dear neighbor- Henrietta Ford- has been an AMAZING inspiration & SUPPORT for me in doing the art, author, music organizing that I do! She's always the first to send me a thanks & rave review after a show... Loves interacting with folks on the street...She's just a TOTAL JEWEL to work with!

We'd lived in our house several years before I was told by another neighbor that she was a mystery author. I was Stunned & Amazed that a published author lived just next door to me. I soon started to realize how much talent was spread throughout our neighborhood & in asking what opportunities were available for selling & displaying...always was told there were really no regular venues. I kept feeling-"I'm surrounded by greatness & talent in this town but yet have no place to share them & their creations with others!" Thus the beginning of my planning to fill that void for creative souls surrounding me in Williamsburg!
Thanks Henrietta- for Standing by me Faithfully & always appreciating my efforts! She attended & sold at EVERY 2nd SUNDAY event that We had in 2010- a record 7 Sundays!!!
"A Million Thanks" Hardly Cuts it- I'll have to think of a way to really Thank her!

Myra Nuzzo- Swingset Designs

Augie Liebler - Augies' Garden Creations

Art & design runs through Augie Leibler's veins! For many years he's designed & build many beautiful Garden spots, pathways around Williamsburg. Even when we first moved into our Neighborhood(First Colony) I quickly learned that if a yard had a sign indicating that the work was being done by Augie that the result would be stunning. He's decided in the last few years that his body & knees needed a bit of a break from the yard designing... but he's continued to put his designing into smaller, more portable pieces of art. Here are some of his designs! I love that it's clear how much he loves the sea & gardening from what he chooses to design & what he works with.
Augie Can be reached at 220-1212...or you can see some of his work at TADA Artisans' Boutique in Goucester Point, VA.

Paula Bonneau- Paula's Palette

Paula has been fusing glass since she was 5 yrs old!
We won't ask her to say how long it's been! You'll just know from looking at her BEAUTIFUL creations that it's been long enough for her to polish her incredible technique! Paula can be found at Occasion for the Arts each October.

Dublin Floral Creations - Ray Doolan

Ray & his partner, Pete, do intricate Floral designs for framing or notecards.

Perfect for the Gardeners, Botanists & Nature Lovers on your gift list throughout the year- each notecard lists the variety of plants/leaves used in it's design. Find Ray's cards throughout the year at the Peanut Shop & The Smithfield Ham Shoppe right on Prince George Street in Downtown Williamsburg!

Ray's chosen the spot just outside the Peanut Shop as his regular spot on the 2nd Sunday's events.

deweydoolan@yahoo.com is Ray's email. He's on Facebook as well.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Mermaid's Purse- Laurie Hager

Laurie Hager is another amazing artisan! She's risen to the "top of the street" with her wonderful display... incredibly positive energy & BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS! I truly believe every jewelry lover needs one of her amazing necklaces. One Necklace matches practically everything in your closet! She's happy to use your special beads or buttons for a piece of meaningful jewelry if you'd like!
She has an extensive Bio!
With an undergrad degree in Anthropology and a masters in Archaeology, Laurie has always been enthralled with the fragmented evidence of jewelry design from the scope of human history. Years ago, Laurie worked with the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and had the opportunity to drink in the rich collections of ancient artifacts – she seeks out the work of the Phoenicians with blown glass beads, revels in the Egyptian use of color and symbolism and is also tremendously inspired by the pearl encrusted Byzantine and Tudor era. Falling asleep with the sound of the waves crashing against the rocky New England beaches, the idea of what exactly one might find in a Mermaid's Purse, spurned Laurie's imagination and drew her into designing her own hand-knotted and silk-strung bead jewelry design. Laurie integrates pearls, semi-precious stones, hand-blown glass beads, with vintage beads and antique mother of pearl buttons into her necklaces, bracelets and earrings. She is happy to work with her clients to design unique pieces, interlacing their own bead and button treasures to create new family heirlooms. Come and discover what's inside the Mermaid's Purse today!

Moonstruck Soap- Tammy Albertson’s spa products…

Inspired by Nature-Crafted with Care.

Tammy's Booth is a delight for ones' senses!! Love her many natural scents.
Tammy is another very steady exhibitor. You can feel her positive energy/vibe from the other end of the street!

Blake Daniels - When a Tree Falls- Creative Woodworking

I Absolutely adore Blake & ALL of his amazing work. A Williamsburg native, he lives in Virginia Beach now & makes the drive back as often as his schedule allows to support his hometown's art scene!
From Custom Designed Entertainment Centers & furniture- to necklaces & pens- his talent shows in all sizes!
Contact him : ya_wood@yahoo.com

John Watters Pottery

What do you say to a potter as talented, pleasant, flexible, generous(he donated over $900 dollars worth of pottery to my favorite Preschool's-Williamsburg Parent Cooperative - Auction) and as dependable as John Watters??? A HUGE THANKS!!! It's a priceless combination- & he's more appreciated than he can even know! How did I get so lucky to make his aquaintance, I often wonder?? :-)

From early summer when I contacted John- He only had to miss one event that I asked/offered him to participate in! He did 6 2nd Sundays, Foodapolooza, An Occasion for Contemporary Artisans- (the Saturday before Occasion for the Arts), Holly Days at High Street...

I love every piece of pottery that he makes!